4 reasons to avoid missed incoming calls!


Follow Me.
Missed calls? Missed customers?
Here we go! 4 reasons why you must not have a missed incoming calls anymore!

We’re immersed in a time when businesses move as much as the people themselves. Nothing is static or flat and neither rigid, therefore, in the business world, business has taken the same pace.

The speed with which agreements, businesses, clients and suppliers are now handled, as well as the very essence of what companies are dedicated to, have led to the evolution not only of methods but also of forms, giving an extraordinary turn to the tools that support them.

In our environment, telephony, this also happens. phone services for companies, increasingly adjust to this formula of mobility + productivity that have grown exponentially and impacted on the positive results of businesses and their stakeholders.

That’s why we insist on what IguanaCALL has as one of its premises: Not one more missed an incoming call!

Let’s see these 4 reasons for this premise to be present in your business:

1.- A missed incoming call is a lost customer: Not answering a call to a client or a lead is a business opportunity that does not recover. The opportunities can be unique and this could mean that that call that you could not answer, maybe it could be that “biggest business” that you have waited since you started the company.

2.- A missed incoming call is exposing the limitations of your company: Actually, Your leads or your real customers may perceive that your company is not prepared to meet them or meet their demands. You start to create reasonable doubts such as:
Can not they answer the calls never? Will they have enough staff? Will they have the resources to supply to my request? Will it be a responsible company? and all many questions you can imagine.

3.- A missed incoming call, is to leave that business that was for you, to another: Maybe you don’t know who called or if you can find out, it may be that when you contact him back it’s too late. Here again, the issue of the opportunity return’s. The value of the opportunity makes a big sense in business. A business is a chance for success for those who take it. If you are not available at the time you arrive this call, how much will you have to wait for a new chance? We don’t know.

4.- Did you know that IguanaCALL’s cloudPBX has a feature that leaves the consequences of the three previous reasons without effect?

Follow Me. This is a feature that puts your company on every phone in which it suits you to have it! That is your incoming calls with Follow Me will never miss again because you can put your incoming calls to ring on any device, according to what your company needs.

With Follow Me, you can:

  • To put to ringing on all the extensions of your company at the same time so that the one available will answer.

  • To put to ringing on each department, until it is answered.

  • To put to ringing still on your cell phone! If you’re outside your office, do not miss incoming calls to your extension. And all those who leave the office, with Follow Me, are still connected to it, with the business phone line of the company, not with that their personal cell phones.

  • To put to ringing in the PC and answer through the Softphone PC (we will talk about it in the next article)

  • Configure it, activate it or deactivate its instructions, according to the convenience of the company, as many times as necessary. You manage it yourself with your User Portal. That easy!

  • And finally, to put to ringing on any phone you have, the truth is that,

There is no reason to not answer an incoming call!

Put your company on the wave of Follow Me and don’t miss another incoming call!

Contact our Customer Service at 1-855-948-8080 and your company will always be answering to the opportunity!

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