7 tips to put your company ON with Auto Receptionist


Auto Receptionist! cloudPBX’s feature that puts your company in



One reason why the phone service in a company fulfills such a relevant role, is because in these times business dynamics is accelerated, mobile and adjusts more and more, to different environments, where all those involved no necessarily converge.

Therefore, if your company has the cloudPBX service of IguanaCALL it can perfectly fit and be a participant in the new technologies that make companies empowered, productive, mobile and that, in addition, improve their corporate image. It’s a great competitive advantage.

To have an Auto Receptionist in your phone service is to have a virtual receptionist to answer the incoming calls as if they were attended by a real receptionist and in addition to that, route the incoming calls according to the needs of your company and those of your clients, the last one, are the most important point.

Here we go, gets our 7 tips for you to see it easier:

1.- The company’s incoming calls, are attended with a professional massage, where you can give the correct instructions so that they who calls, communicate with whoever they want, pressing the options that are programmed.

2.- This feature supports the company’s corporate image, but also automates the incoming calls reception’s, through menus made to measure and with all the sub-menus that are necessary for each department.

3.- With the Auto Receptionist, you can inform about your business hours with schedules, holidays or non-working days, among other important messages that you need to broadcast to all incoming calls.

4.- If your company has offices, in several cities or outside the country, you can centralize the incoming calls reception’s with a unique phone number and decentralize them, by routing them through extensions or from the menus that you have programmed.

5.- Your company can have its messages in several languages and so the caller can select the language of their preference.

6.- On holidays or non-working days, you can leave the company’s voicemail active so that who call, leave the messages and on the next business day, you can answer their call.

Another action can be that if these non-working days, your company has on-call people to deal with emergencies or particular cases, with the Auto Receptionist, those who call can automatically and immediately be connected to the extension or the assigned people’s phones.

7.- Any other action that you need to automate in your company’s incoming calls. At IguanaCALL we are attentive to your request.


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