About Us

Who are we­?

IguanaCALL is a company that provides Internet Telephony Services for companies and businesses at national and international. Based on a corporate approach it has developed a portfolio of Telephone Services can be tailored to suit every business need.

Why IguanaCALL?

In business there are no two numbers 1. IguanaCALL has an extensive and robust Telephony Platform hosted on the State-of-the-Art Datacenter Level3 located in 165 Halsey Street just minutes away from New York City, in addition to having alternative centers in Germany, Australia, China, Brazil and Canada.

These wonderful facilities are also home to over 57 major carriers, allowing us to be interconnected to provide global and vanguard Telephony Services.

IguanaCALL’s history dates back to 2005 when its founders conceived the idea of offering prices of small and medium enterprises, Advanced Telephony Services that only large companies with big budgets they had access.

Years later backed up by his experience, customer service, platform and participation in various countries, IguanaCALL has become a premise of importance on offering Telephony Services to small and medium enterprises.

IguanaCALL live the passion of the men and women who share a taste for challenge and success, willing to be tested for work sharing a philosophy major company, firmly convinced that the key to success is a winning attitude and tireless work their leaders.

Join IguanaCALL is entering an organized world, where nothing is left to chance and where concepts such as future project, training, installation, advertising, assistance and permanent updating, are realities carefully studied and experienced in multiple clients.

But ¿what is the secret of success­?

The combination of a bright idea, quality service, a telephony platform, continually seek customer satisfaction, willingness to give their best, belong to an organized network that provides training and continuous assistance.

In addition, IguanaCALL is very well positioned in a market in continuous expansion, thanks to the constant increase of trade, and companies that need cutting edge Telephony Services to keep their communications as a fundamental part of its operational and marketing strategies.