How Can I Set Up My Audio Broadcast Service?

To setup your Broadcast Audio service you must go to, enter your username and password and follow these simple steps.


1. Click on the IP Centrex tab.

2. Click on Phone Lines.

3. Identify the account with the product “12-audioBROADCAST” and click on the tool symbol.


4. Click on the IP Centrex tab.

5. Click on the Auto Attendance option.

6. Click on the Edit symbol.


7. Click on the Prompts tab.

8. Select the Custom option in the Menu section.

9. You will have the option to upload a file saved on your computer to be the audio you want to use* or record the audio by pressing the red buttom.

     * supported files are the following: .aiff, .au, .gsm, .mp3, .ogg, .wav.

10. After recording or uploading the desired file, click on Save.


From steps 11 and on there will be procedures to configure the Audio Broadcast.

11. to enter an Event in the Auto Attendant, click on the Actions tab.

12. Click on Add.

13. On the Events tab, select the type of event:

    Not active – If the actual menu is not active.

    0-9, #, * – User selection trhough the phone keys.

    Timeout –  No selection gathered from the user.

    Fax – Fax CNG tone detected.

14. In Action, select one action of the list:

    Disable – Disable an action.

    Directory – Initate the call of a company via the name on the diretory.

    Transfer – Transfer the call to a determined number or extension.

    Transfer to E.164 Number – Transfer the call to another number. The number must be specified in E.164 format: the country’s code, area code and phone number in that order.

    Transfer to Voicemail – Shift to the voicemail mode. this should be designed as an action for the event “Fax” in order to store the received faxes.

    Prompt for Extension # – You can specify the maximum number allowed in an extension.

    Dial the Extension Directly – Transfer the call to an extension number entered by the caller. To prevent abuse of this feature you can specify the maximun numbers allowed in an extension.

15. On Destinations, add the recipient number that will get the call if necessary.

16. Click on Play Before Action if you desire to play the tone before any action.

17. In Play Record Prompt you can record your audio by clicking the red buttom or upload a supported file by clicking the browse buttom.

18. Click on Save.


19. Look for the service password of the account for the Audio Broadcast. You can find the password by clicking on the My Profile tab.

20. Click on settings.


21. Go to and enter your account number, password for the account, IVR number and in the number list type the destination numbers which you wish to receive the call.

22. Click on Connect.