Have you thought if your company has the right phone service?

Here we talk about 5 actions that successful companies took, in their phone service!



For some time, the business world has become globalized, taking a turn where the size of its success goes hand in hand with the capacity that it has had to evolve and improve, not only in what it does but also in how it does it and this directly involves, in the tools that make a business productive and generate the expected utility, among them the phone service.

To have a phone service only to call and receive calls, is out of date!

Telephony is a fundamental part of a business. It’s part of the growth and is part of its evolution.

Then the questions come:

Are there phone services that go beyond receiving and make calls?

How to know if my company’s phone service is suitable?

What kind of phone service should my company have?


The phone service for a while ago stopped being just to call and receive calls, now these are part of a whole service.

This brings us to the answer of the second question; If your company has a phone service that only serves to receive and make calls, think about everything you can’t do and analyze if this is appropriate or not, for your business.

Let’s talk now about the 5 actions that successful companies take today, with respect to their phone service and that your company can also achieve!

The first thing is that they said goodbye to the traditional phone lines and made a switch to phone services cloud-based, with a Cloud Phone Service Provider. In IguanaCALL we have all tools that will support to switch your traditional service without anything being affected.

They understood that the businesses are completely dynamic, mobile and self-managed, according to the convenience of the company itself and each company is different from one another, even if they are from the same industry. With cloudPBX and its features, your company will be connected and communicated with easy-to-use tools.

Simplified their costs. They dedicated their budgets in their core business and they found suppliers that, for reasonable rates, provide them with competitive and scalable services, with advanced technologies that can empower the company and its employees so that through any of their devices, they have a phone communication from the company’s phone line.

They brought innovation to his companies, which directly influenced the productivity of employees, by having a collaborative environment in their daily tasks, through telephony.

They converted the remote into nearby, no matter the distance. Offices inside and outside the same city or country, became part of the same system, converting international calls into local calls through extensions.

These are only 5 actions of many, that made the change in these companies. In IguanaCALL, we can support you so that your company can also make to switch and be part of the change. Your company can have a high-performance phone service’s with several characteristics, which will provide mobility and productivity in your business, through the control and management of its phone service to the benefit of its interests.


With cloudPBX, you will have more than a phone service:

1. Never miss a call again

2. Enjoy HD voice quality

3. You will not need equipment maintenance or PBX

4. As a scalable phone service, you will grow it in the same way as your company, because it is tailored to any size of users

5. You will always have an Up-to-Date service

6. You will have a Customer Service to attend your requests and support you in the management and use of your phone service.

7. Besides that you will have features such as:
– Auto Receptionist
– Follow Me
– Call Transfer
– Call Processing
– Music on Hold
– APP Softphone on iOS and Android
– Call Recording
– Voice-to-Email
– Caller ID, and others …

Therefore in April, Easter brings a promo with which you can make the switch in sooner the better and your company will already be part of those who took these 5 actions to empower their phone service.

Contact our Customer Service at 1-855-948-8080 and activate it, you will be surprised by everything that cloudPBX, will improve your businesses.




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