Do you know that you can send SMS with your business number, from your cell phone?


SMS on APP Softphone!

You can send and receive SMS with the phone service of your company, communicate and contact your leads, customers, suppliers and with whom you require connection via SMS from the APP Softphone of your business phone service.

By the way, that in order to send SMS you don’t need a cell phone line and with a phone number that doesn’t belong to the corporate identity of your company, now you can do it with your same business phone number.

By sending SMS on APP Softphone, you can maintain the corporate image of your company, and those quick, short, accurate messages that you can do to support you in marketing campaigns, ads relevant to your business, confirm appointments, review cases or any detail that you require through this way of communication, you can do them from the same business phone number of the company.

But how does it work?

It is very simple, having the phone service of your company with IguanaCALL, this is one of its included features.

The most important, this APP Softphone, available for iOS, Android and PC, has features that give your business mobility. You download it to your cell phone or in your computer and from it and with it you can make and receive calls, transfer them, record them, have conference calls and send SMS and all this with the same business number of your company.

It’s not a change, is incorporate value to your company, technology, quality in communications, simplicity, and connection to wherever your users are.

Because while you have wifi, you will be connected to your company wherever you are. Inside or outside the place where the company is located.

So, if you want to enter the world of SMS or need to do so, leave behind the duality of using your business’s phone number for some things and a cell phone for these messages.

Do everything for the same number!

Unify the image of your company, make it powerful and shield its connections controlling your phone service taking it to another level. The traditional is in the past and evolves to cloud services, which give you, among other advantages:

And with it, in addition, being able to send SMS on APP Softphone!

Our Customer Service 1-855-948-8080 has all the information for your company to evolve to a Cloud Business Phone Service, by making us your Cloud Phone Service Provider.


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